My Samples

Darrell Cochran - Milwaukee Comedian

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  • alleyway
  • city
  • Copy of mansion
  • brickwall
  • darrell-lighthouse
  • tattoo
  • tattooshot

Animals on DSLR & Phone

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  • unnamed
  • italy (2)
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package 1-4

Photos only

Have copy and a website already? I’ll take photos of you and your business.

$50 for 2 hours

package 2-4

Website + Copy + Photoshoot


Get a fully responsive website with copy, plus my photos of you and your business in action.

Pricing depends upon project

best deal gold
package 3-5

Website + Copy + Public Stock Photos

Get a website with my copy and public stock photography, or provide your own photos.

Pricing depends upon project


Contact Lisa

Have any questions about the packages? Want to work with me? Send me a message! I work remotely.