Copywriting + Creative Writing

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is promotional advertising writing. You need “copy” for your social media ads, blog posts, digital ads, billboards, and more.

  • Short-form copy examples are catchy slogans and the description on the back of shampoo bottles or wine bottles.
  • Long-form copy examples are sponsored blog posts and eBooks.

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package 1-4

Copy only

Have a website and photos already? Get expert copywriting to increase your conversions.

$27 per hour

package 2-4

Website + Copy + Photoshoot


Get a fully responsive website with copy, plus my photos of you and your business in action.

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package 3-5

Website + Copy + Public Stock Photos

Get a website with my copy and public stock photography, or provide your own photos.

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Have any questions about the packages? Want to work with me? Send me a message! I work remotely.