About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa Schulz.



Why choose Lisa?

I created this website so you can have your copywriting, photography, graphic design and website design services all in one place. I would love to help you increase your conversions, get discovered online, and keep the customers that you deserve.

I know what the overall design, voice, and brand we’re going for when we work together. You don’t have to communicate with 10 different people on a team, hold countless video chats, or say, “Darn, this is so complicated. I wish I learned how to do this myself.”

When you work with me, you’ll tell me most of what I need to know up front, and I make your website for you while you’re sleeping. When you wake up (and when I’m finished) you’ll see the final product. We’ll make it perfect together and I’ll work until the finished product just how you envisioned it.

About Lisa

I work remotely from my home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Before Oshkosh, I lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California and the heart of downtown Chicago, Illinois, where I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Magazine Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing.

I have been designing websites ever since 2014, when I started my own professional portfolio. Before that, I used to tinker with HTML as a kid on Neopets, where I’d design a storefront. Today, I have designed several professional websites that have landed my clients many opportunities. I also have two Etsy shops and I sell my stock photos.

I have a sassy tortie named Italy who I absolutely adore. By default, she’s a Pawkers fan. I live with my boyfriend in our castle (okay, house) and I couldn’t be happier.


Contact Lisa

Have any questions about the packages? Want to work with me? Send me a message! I work remotely.